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CINTERMEX (International Convention and Exhibition Center)

It opened in 1991 and still today, is considered a symbol of the city of Monterrey, not only for its stunning architecture, but for its immense contributions to the development of business in this city. Through its Convention Center, Exhibition Center and permanent business,  is serving the best needs of visitors and residents of Monterrey.

Fundidora Park project and the vision of industrial Monterrey CAINTRA belonging to enable the creation of this center, which was formed with the aim of boosting the tourism industry in the town meeting. Since then, CINTERMEX known for its support for international exchange, alliance building in Monterrey and accomplishes its purpose by increasing the number of hotel rooms in the city of 2,000 in 1991 to 12,000 today.

Through its Convention and Exhibition Center hosts more than 600 events per year from conferences and meetings, to consumer and industrial exhibitions and hosts 4 million visitors per year. Permanent business center is an excellent complement where staying offices of the main companies of the city and industry suppliers.

All achievements, experience and conviction in the center with the best customer service are guaranteed since June 2001 with ISO 9002 certification. Currently the center operates with ISO 9001:2008, thanks to a re-certification in November 2010.

Also, in June 2012, CINTERMEX signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce whose objective is focused on collaboration between the parties that seeks to promote programs in business, education and promotion for entrepreneurs interested Nuevo Leon explore alternative business with U.S. companies. Highlighting the effort to develop new exhibitions in conjunction with the fair organizers in the town, as well as supporting increased participation of exhibitors Americans through trade specialists who are in the U.S. Consulate based in Monterrey.



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