to make events in CINTERMEX and Fundidora Park

We offer you a guide for the reservation of rooms, halls and/or outdoor areas for the realization of your event. At the end we offer some recommendations to consider.

Book Your Event

It is a form with basic information to channel the information with the appropriate person and follow up to that request.


Click here to fill out the quote request.

CINTERMEX staff contact / Events Fundidora Park

Once the information is received, your event manager (conventions, exhibitions, social events or Fundidora Park events) will be contacted to follow up on your request. And it will send you a tentative request form, once there is a more formal interest in booking dates.

Tentative reservation of dates

By submitting the form of a tentative request duly answered (here it includes more detailed information of the event, business name, turnover, among others), and if there is no problem, the authorization of the event is proceeded.

* In the case of expositions, the event is reviewed and approved.

Confirmation of reservation

If the event is approved, you will receive a written quote and a payment schedule, with the reservation confirmed (not the event).

Confirmation of the event and advance payment

Once the quotation has been approved, the agreement is drawn up and signed, for which it is requested to sign a guarantee of payments for additional charges authorized during the assembly, event and disassembly corresponding to 20% of the total amount of the consideration preset for events; also, the first payment (advance) is made.


Note: The event is considered confirmed only when you have signed the agreement and made the corresponding advance payment.


  • Set actual event schedules

  • Predict the days, hours and extra time of assembly and disassembly

  • Consider audiovisual equipment, furniture and decoration

  • Review and sign the agreement

  • Define mounting types

  • Establish registration areas

  • Request telephone and Internet lines if required

  • Request cleaning staff

  • Request security personnel