The international cuisine we have at CINTERMEX combines creativity and quality where menus and concept designs are developed for breakfast, lunch, dinners and cocktails for up to more than 14,000 diners.

The commitment with quality, starts with our Executive Chef´s passion, whom seeks for the ingredients to be carefully selected for each dish, taking them through an inspiring culinary experience which delights any palate.

We host events both in CINTERMEX and in PARQUE FUNDIDORA, as well as in:

  • LA ARCADA 1200 Restaurant, located in the main corridor of CINTERMEX, in front of room D.
  • Home-delivered events thanks to our Catering service, whereby we transport our characteristic experience and quality to the place where you are holding your event (private home, company, museum, farm, amongst others.)

The food and drinks services are exclusive and will have to be directly acquire with us, except for a few exceptions in social events, such as candy tables, to mention an example.

Our services: 

  • Candy table (barra de dulces)
  • Open bars (soda and lemonades, beers, national, international, cocktails and table wine)
  • Box lunch (breakfast and lunch)
  • Buffet (international and Mexican)
  • Casseroles (cazuelas)
  • Trays (finger food and mini desserts)
  • Cocktail (international menu, Mexican, VIP and grill)
  • Coffee break (continue and unitary)
  • Lunches- diners
  • Breakfasts (buffet and executive)
  • Uncorking
  • Equipment rental (table, chairs, etc.)
  • Bakery
  • Grill (Parrillada)
  • Tacos
  • Wines and liquor