Our restaurant LA ARCADAD 1200 is located in Arcada (main corridor of CINTERMEX), in front of room D.

It has a design inspired in La Fundidora, combined with materials such as steel, brick and wood; which make it have a unique ambiance for the holding of your event.

The afternoon snack packages may be used for events such as:

Bridal shower | Baby shower | Birthday parties | Anniversaries


  • Room (restaurant)
  • 3 hours-service
  • 2 course menus (entry and main dish)
  • Soda open bar
  • Waiters and service personnel


* Dessert is charged separately.

You may choose between cream or salad.

If you choose to place a candy table, you may do so without any extra charge.

Furthermore, we have options to complement your event such as a welcome cocktail, mini dessert trays, dry snack trays, coffee service, amongst others. 

Contact: | Phone. 81 8369 6908 | WA: 811 414 14 70